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stuck with sexout affairs

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so i've read extensively over the creators posts for how to win inga over and after the first attempt not allowing me to ask personal questions i reloaded and maxed out SPECIAL in order to lower the threshold according to OP, but even after answering what i believe to be the best answers for her, i cannot ask personal questions, i feel like perhaps im missing something integral, but i played this mod a good long while back before i completely redid my computer and there was some speech option about remembering her that won her over almost instantly that doesn't appear to be present anymore, but can someone perhaps point me to what i'm missing or perhaps what might be wrong?

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The option to tell Inga you remember her appears only at the first time you meet her. It gives you a slight boost, but nothing more. The personal questions should appear if you answer most of her general topics "right" and don't offend her in the process. I believe there is only one option that turns her off immediately (if you say something about her parents) and a couple of others that might lower her opinion of you.


If nothing works, you might want to uninstall/reinstall the mod with a clean save and start over. Details about clean saving are in the SOA OP.


In case you found and use my new mod SOIR (I've posted a link in the SexoutIntimacy thread) you've run into a compatibility issue most likely. 

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appreciate the timely response, i don't remember ever seeing the option to say i remember her in the first place, but ill try a fresh install with a new save and see where that gets me, and no i never used SOIR, so it's not those two

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ok, so just so others can see this, i had a mod called sexout slavers 3, before i realized it was old and outdated, and it apparantly messed with greetings on it, but after removing it and reinstalling affairs, new char, etc etc, making my way to primm i got the option to say i knew her and was able to progress into personal questions again, so maybe its not related but thats all i did besides a fresh reinstall, but in typical modder fashion, i fix one mod break another, tess, another follower that i had in the messed up affairs save, is now acting like a goodsprings townie in that i cant talk to her, so thank you for the help now i have to deal with ANOTHER headache


put her higher up in the LO, fixed it thanks again though wayne

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