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Problem with Body Meshes

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I'm having some issues when i try to adjust the body meshes. I installed the skyrim version with compact .BSA files (meshes, interface, textures and other folders all in a specific .bsa file in Data directory) and I guess that is that causing some problems to me. I installed CBBE with Mod Organizer and works ok, but when i try to change this meshes with Caliente Tools, this created a Meshes folder and the game doesn't recognizes this body meshes inside. I did few tests, like remove this Meshes folder from Data directory, nothing changes. And because this, i can't adjust the body scales in RaceMenu (i guess because the standard CBBE doesn't have skeleton support to change breast and butt scales). I tried to create a separated .rar file with femalebody.dds to be added with MO, but doesn't worked too. The only body meshes that I can make use is that one provided by the initial CBBE instalation.


How can I do?

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Hi! it sounds like you don't have BodySlide and Outfit Studio installed http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?


There is a tutorial on mod page for installing it with MO.  Then you can build the bodies with the RaceMenu morphs checked.  If you run into issues, ask for help.

I downloaded the last version, that already have the plugin to work with RaceMenu and works fine. Thanks!

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