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All about managing costume slots!


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Hello All,

Hoping someone can give me some advice to getting my head around how the costume numbering stuff works with DLC tool.   Currently perplexed!

[ essentially wanting to pull individual already created costumes and compile them into 1 DLC object ]

Currently set up with the stickied Harry Palmer 999999 nude and 888888 topless mods (though I can't get "Extra Swimsuits" from the same thread to work (?)), and all DLC.   See below:  Works great.

[ note 50 costumes for Kasumi ]

Great!   No probs.    Now for the tricky part.

I extract a compiled (into .bin) DLC I found online sourced from 3DM, and extract the TMC, TMCL and other files to a folder using Archivarius.

Ok, cool, now for the DLC tool to make a DLC.  Here is where things get confusing.   I try to make DLC costumes numbers 51 and 52 for Kasumi.   But the program tells me I can't!

Bugger!   In fact the highest number it will let me put is 38 and 39, even though there is already (official) DLC costumes with numbers bigger than these!


After compiling the DLC and adding, I find the 2 new Kasumi costumes I made ONLY come up if the 88888 and 99999 DLC are excluded.   If I use one of them, then I get 1 of the new costumes from my new DLC.

My questions are =

  • Looks like Kasumi has a hard-coded max of 50 costumes.  If so, can I un-link (remove from the ini) a couple of the official DLC so I can use custom costumes in these slots?
  • The DLC tool is behaving wierd saying Kasumi has a max costume # of 39 when there are already 48 before I have added any custom content.  What gives?
  • Following on from that, what is the point in the costume number from the DLC tool, if I can add new costumes at 38 and 39, and they pop up in the game in slots 49 and 50?

Checking out Sarah I found the DLC tool only expects her to have MAX of 15 costumes.

Broadly -

How can I install DLC for new costumes, and know which slots are available, and which I am putting the new costume in to.



Damn, wouldn't let me post links to the images!   Had to attach the files below instead, sorry!







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in my game, the costume slot number in the DLC tool references the DLCU number minus 1.   in my example below, costume slot 4 in DLC = DLCU005/Costume Slot 23 in lnk reshuffle





if you don't have it already, i use lnk reshuffle to help me see which slots are available (? -- generally correspond to free slots, which you can double check against the charts)



in short, there's very limited slots available for adding additional custom DLC, so once you use up all the free slots, you'll need to use lnk reshuffle to replace existing costumes.

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