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  1. Does this work with customizer 2.1? I get a lot of errors and missing skin. Any idea on how to fix?
  2. Any idea how I can fix the wet effects to work with the different hair colour mods? Half the hair turns a different colour when wet.
  3. Guys can someone please share all hair shader overrides ShaderOverrideHairPS1, ShaderOverrideHairPS2. etc
  4. Can someone help me with fixing the hair colors, this has been happening since the last major update, probably shaders but no idea what to update.
  5. Ok I have installed the black bar remover which makes the bars go away and also starting the game in full screen but the mouse still cannot go over where the bars used to be. There is something in the d3dx.ini file but not sure which option to go for.
  6. This is awesome and definitely needed for my 3440x1440 resolution which now works, but if I press F11 to make the game full screen I get a usable resolution of 1920x1080 (this is the one I patched) and black bars at the side. Also the mouse cannot go past the black bar edges. Any way to fix that in full screen? See below for what I mean.
  7. Anyone got the fix for the square bikini, latest update seems to have broken it
  8. Facial expressions seems to no longer be working after last update, anyone got a fix?
  9. Anyone else getting a black screen on DMM version today? Updated windows, gpu drivers, etc and still nothing. The DOAX launcher still visible on 100%
  10. Anyone know how to fix the tension gauge screen? It's not showing the mods but the original costume. And also how to fix the hair colours?
  11. Is there a mod for fluffy foam costume for Monica? Can't find it
  12. Hi guys, I have a bunch of these in my mailbox and cannot pick them up (I think I am full) How do I use them?
  13. Is anyone else getting this problem with any of the hair mods? I also have the Wet effects mod installed but even with it disabled the wet makes the front part of the hair the original colour. Any idea on how to fix this?
  14. Thanks for the ini on the previous page by the way And also the demist files. One or two things to fix: After kuro's ini ,Helena's/Kokoro's hair is red (is there a key combo or someway to toggle back to blonde?) A few missing textures for the gift wrap costumes it seems.
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