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I check around here and the bbs boards every now and then and its a great source for mods but I see so many other modes out there in screen shots that I cant find links for.  I've seen a few other sights out there with awesome mods but they don't allow adult content.  Are there any other good sources of DOA adult mods that you can pass along? 


Any advice is appreciated. 

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Most of the other items you'll see here are at 3dm, which is tricky as it's Chinese and some stuff you need a certain number of posts to view, or from some of the Japanese forums, which tend to be quite insular and even harder to navigate if you're not used to the way they're constructed. Google translation makes a horrifying mess of both languages in my experience lol, in addition to slowing down what's already a shaky connection to a Chinese server...

Edit: oh I see you're already surfing the jp boards, tbh other than 3dm I don't know any other good sources. Most of the western modders of adult content are here at some point or other.

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Thanks, I've been able to get around the 3dm forums fairly well.  Registered an account and even got an account with their file sharing system.  I've also found the pink cafe which is a little bit more tricky but manageable and yeah i agree google translate just makes thing worse on those forums. 

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