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Paired animation problems


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Okay so a friend of mine asked me for some help building 2 animations. The job was pretty simple they handed me 12 hkx files that someone else made, and had to set them up in a paired scene. Basically these files consisted of an intro->loop->outro for both actors and 2 separate anims. The first one was a simple hug exported, and plays just find in the engine. The second proved to be a bit more troublesome. I've noticed when I export the animation Havok posts all the bones that have very obvious scale issues (I didn't make them I'm just trying to fix them), and when I play it in game the animation starts and then 1/3 of the way through just stops where both players end up back in the idle pose. So I guess the question is, can non-uniform scaling cause animations to abruptly stop, and could someone glance over the max file to see if there's anything else that I'm missing?

Dance 2010.rar

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