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Best Face & Body Textures


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I know, a very subjective topic. 


I'm looking to make a sensual Piper. 


At this point I would use Valkyr face and stock CBBE body textures, plus Immersive Mouth and Teeth, Deluxe Makeup, Oni's Hair Re-texture and CBBE Sexy Tamed Bush for the body.  I'm planning to use MonsterRaider's 'Adorable Companions' as the base for my Piper, thinking without freckles.  (I don't see many brunettes with freckles...)  I don't see HD smile buying me anything, nor do I see any part of Young Female Face Texture buying me much. 


BUT.... that's why I posted this topic, to get others' opinions.For instance, I can't 'see' the Valkyr body bits, as it all seems to be done in the Intel DDS format, and I have not found that plugin for either Gimp or Paint.net.  So I dunno. From the website it looks sort of like HoneyVanity's Barbarian textures with tan lines.  But is it compatible with CBBE?  Does it look like the mod's pictures in-game?  Any better body textures?  Any better face | facebits that I should know about?  (Don't mention Eyes...  I've already got 9 sets, and I tend to pick and choose.)


One thing that I am mostly sure of, I will probably go back to the original eyebrows.


I have not found any eyelash mods yet.  TBH, have not really looked...




If anyone knows how to fix | where to get either Gimp or Paint.net versions of FO$'s DDS bits... 




Where to get PS6 Extended (PC) at a reasonable price....

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Maybe it's the screen shots, but I honestly do not like Valkr's textures. Looks like it wants to be too sexy and too realistic at the same time. I use Immersive Teeth and Oni's hair, they're great. I 'use' Deluxe make-up but don't even have make-up on my character, but from what I see on NPC's it really does make difference(positively). As for Adorable companions, I like pretty much like all the companions the way they are(especially Piper), so I cannot really tell you if it's good. But I don't very much care for ultra barbie doll overhaul mods anyways.


What I feel you should go with.

Oni's Hair re-texture

Immersive Teeth

Deluxe make-up

Cait as Shepard



Your choice between Glorious Female Body or Nuclear Nude(NN I feel is the kind of texture Valkr was striving for, unfortunately(imo) NN did a far better job). Me personally, I use GFB which feels like a cross between and HD Vanilla body texture and CBBE textures with better normal mapping.



Also: Valkr's body texture seems to be vanilla only. So if you really do like that body texture then would go with NN.

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Mhm. The face over here is vanilla plus a facial mole because I've got one too and learned to live with it over the years. Body texture is CBBE /w tattoo overlay and that's okay for me and thus for my other me in Boston as well. She has no chance to complain about it anyway ;)




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