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No creature animations working

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The human/human sex animations work like a charm but as soon as an animal is involved nothing happens. My character takes of her clothes and just stands there and so does the animal.

The reason I want them to work is because I have the mods Animal Mansion and Untamed, and I soo want to try them.

Everything worked when I had a downloaded copy of Skyrim but now when I have bought the game and reinstalled it and all the mods, they don't work.


I know that there are many that have asked for help about this and I have read the answers they've gotten and done everything said but there's no change.


I have checked in the creature animation button in Sexlab and gone through every creature mod, but it didn't help. I've uninstalled all the creature mods and reinstalled them but nothing.


Btw I have FNIS creature pack but still.. nothing...


So I have no idea what else to do. Please help me!

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