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The best sex mods?


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Title not too descriptive, but I ask for 2 things.

First off is the easiest to use (immersive or not does not matter) sex mod that just allows immediate sexual gratification, is what I am looking for, thoughts?

Second off, what is your favorite sex mod? Beastess, Defeat, SpouseExpanded, etc... and why is it your favorite?

Hard drive crapped out on my old skyrim, was running 211 mods, and am starting back over.


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1. I suppose that would be MatchMaker, or Sexlab itself (target NPC -> Animation Editor -> Choose one -> Click play Animation)

2. Defeat is a Mod I always have installed as well as Mias Lair. My favourite one is Maria Eden Prostitution, which is a mix of SD+ and RadiantProstitution, but much lighter since it doesnt need all those Devious Mods. Still many Scripts, but havent gotten any SaveGame Bloating or many CTDs from running these.

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'Favorite' is hard to say, there are different mods with different purposes. Defeat is one of my default mods, but i like good written dialogues/stories/quests and it doesn't have (much of) those.

SD+ is definitly a good addition to that, and all or most of the mods recommended by Simply Slavery. Most of them aren't finished but playable.


'Short, but compact' like the author said once: Get Stripped! Again!

It doesn't trigger SL animations, instead it has uniqupe animations, but it's one of the most entertaining, and definitly the most funny mod here with a lot of different endings depending on your choices, high replay factor.


Isle of Mara is a gay mod, but beside that you're called 'boy' sometimes totally ok to play with a female character. When considering story, dialogues, length, stability all together it's imho one if not at all the best questmod here.


Biggest competitor to Isle of Mara is imho slaverun reloaded. Not finished yet but very very stable, depending on your choices (enslaved as female player) a quite long story either.


My favorite bestiality quest mod is Animal Mansion Plus, might be worth to wait for the planned update though.

Bestial Essence is nice too.


Sisterhood of Dibelle is nice and medium length.


Mias's Lair is always nice to have, medium length as well.


Less stable, but worth a try: Delzarons mods (A Forsworn Story, from the deeps, Haunted House)

AFS is very long, but it'll add you to the forsworn faction. Works nice together with the sisterhood and untamed.


Didn't play it that much yet, but very promising: SkyCasino


Maria Eden Prostitution is still betaish and a bit complicated to start with, but it has really much content.


If it's ok to onfigure a lot: Scent of Sex seems very very promising, you can define your own rules if or when player, follower, NPCs, creatures,... will ask for sex, rape, player or each other. Can't say anything about stability, release was yesterday, but everybody who tried it found it awesome so far (and CPU has ~40 points on his to-do-list :D)

Might replace many mods if used properly, if i remember right the number of possible rules you can create is about 2 billion so far, no idea what happens if you do so, though :D

But it works with only one rule as well :)

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i could sign all Nazzzgul666 said, some really good recomendations, you should try them but not all at the same time :)


I would also recomend the game mechanics of : milk mod, fillherup, SGO3, riding styles and as a questmod "trapped in rubber" (heavy rubber fetish)

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