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3DS Max constantly crashing(Animating)


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I recently acquired the student edition of 3DS Max 2016 and have been trying to use it to make custom animations for Skyrim. Currently have the Wolf model and Skeleton imported. At first, it crashed constantly, then installed Service Pack 2 and the crashes have been reduced enabling me to get some work done before crashing, bust still crashing. Now the crashing is back and far worse. If the program so much dislikes the angle in which my mouse is going to just quits and it is very frustrating. I have googled this and it seems a high number of people have the same issue. Is there anything that may fix or at least make the crashing less frequent?


OS: Windows 10

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2012 is the latest version that you can make Skyrim animations with as it has the last Havok Content Tools exporter that is compatible with Skyrim.

Wow, it works. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised considering 2016 is pretty much still being developed with it just releasing and all.

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