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Can't Sprint or Use Pipboy!

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So I have no previous save data for this character, he's far into the game...so this is a real pain that makes me so mad I want to snap the nearest person's neck (I need therapy). My pipboy is invisble, but the key guide shows. I can't use shift to sprint either. My limbs are all healed. No rads. Everything else seems normal.


"What a twist!"

It does work however IF I am in power armor. Otherwise my pipboy won't display right. Sprint can only happen if I'm in armor too.


What can i do?



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Plugins order in NMM

Fallout 4

Armor Keywords


Robot Home Defence

More armor slots

dD-Enchanced Blood

Increase Patrol

Beautiful Settlers


Prefab Houses

REpair Sanctuary

Proper Store Animation

Brighter Settlement Lights

Simple Intersection

Slow Time

Northland Diggers




Comanion Infinite Ammo and Unbreakable Power Armor

Eli_Rugged Outfits

Immortal Cats

Wasteland Fashion


Delyte Outfits

Power Conduits and Pylons

Dogmeat's Backpack

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This is a vanilla bug, as I've had the same thing happen to me, and am not yet using any mods. It seems to occur after using power armor, at least in my experience. The Pip-boy is also perfectly usable, you just can't see it. For example: you can fast travel with the bug, you just will have no idea where you've selected to go.

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Never got a response back, should've figured so. Since they don't make money on fixing bugs I'll  have to wait for the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch mod. They're too busy with taking what was supposed to be in the base game and what we can already make through mods and charge $5-$20 per DLC. :P

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