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having problems with 2715x1527 dsr resolution screenshot.


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hello all

just recently upgraded my gpu and it gave me an option to upgrade my resolution to 2715x1527, it's good but i am facing problems with my screenshots it's diagonal and cut into 2 as shown in the screenshot  attached


i'm using a 1080p monitor


I'd be grateful if anyone can help me fix my screenshot problem


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You have a 1080p Monitor and a game that runs in 1080p does not cover the whole dektop?
Then you're doing something wrong and i don't even have a clue what it is.

i know that you can't render virtual super resolutions relaibly in windowed mode and i don't know what ENB does in such cases (Skyrim in VSR is a pain for me due to the small fonts), but you can still try to use ENB to make screenshots.

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my resolution is in 2715x1527 so a borderless windowed 1080p will not cover the whole screen


i guess the resolution is 2715x1527 but  downscaled to 1080p

it's all good really  just wanted to see if i can make bigger  sized screenshots using the vrs resolution 

this is how it looked like with a borderless 1920x1080 resolutionpost-1101204-0-15485200-1456343053_thumb.jpg

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