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How come there's a delay for downloading mods?


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I haven't noticed that and I'm not worthy enough for preferential treatment, so I should. Maybe your local friendly security services are helping you via dictates to your ISP?.


However what I'm wondering is why there isn't a delay on mod initialization based on load order rather then the random wall splat approach which the engine, (of any of the Bethesda games), seems to follow.

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It is also to keep bots from basically ripping every file from the site at the speed of light.


People have been known to download the entire contents of a website using bots simply to repost it all on another website created for just that purpose. It's basically stealing an entire website, often to "spoof" the original website with the fake website handing out malware--People think that they're at the real website because all the files are there. It would be hard to do on this site because a great deal of the files are not even located on LL servers, but at places like Mega.

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