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HDT your killing me here!


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Finally after so many months of trial and error, I thought I had HDT working like a charm.  Then out of the blue the right butt cheek on all my followers started wigging out. Just when I thought everything was looking incredible.  And to make things worse, now I have this secret power when I enter a room....somehow my presence makes food, dishes, books, and anything else not nailed down, go flying everywhere. Anyone else have something similar happen to them?

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Sounds like your FPS is over 60--it shouldn't be as this effects everything from scripts to havok physics.


Use ENBoost. It allows you to lock FPS at 60 (I actually lock mine at 55) and the newest version helps with spazzing-out HDT as well.

I thought I was locked in at 60 because I was using ENBoost with memory patch, but I just downloaded the new 6.1V and somehow I did not have it capped in the old ENBoost .  Now it is capped at 60 and you were right on, everything is staying put now.  I have everything optimized with GForce and have tried to use the highest res textures I can find.  My game was looking incredible using a HDtv for a monitor, but now not quite as good, but I probably wont get hit by a flying sweetroll.lol.  I hope if Bethesda does come out with another TES, these limitations are dealt with.  Thanks for the help.

Happened to me alot of times.


Lock your FPS to 60, Skyrim is hardcoded to 60 FPS unfortunately :(

Yup that was it ....Thanks!

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