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What do you think of this mod I want to make?


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I want to make my first mod but I need some ideas to form it.


My basic idea is that when you drink too much alcohol, you'll black out and wake up in a randomized cave somewhere completely nude and stripped of everything you own and have to fight through the enemies in the dungeon to get your stuff back.


I want to also add some respawnable NPC's that'll cause this event or one similar to it occur but this is where I've run into a problem. My initial idea is to have a random bandit spawn and shoot you with a paralyzing arrow then either "Have their way" with you or steal your gear which will trigger a quest to track them down and get it  back.


What do you think of something like this? Would you download it? What are some ideas that could be improved upon?

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Agree with previous post.


I probably won't use it myself, but if it suits you, it probably suit others. And if it don't, if you like to play it yourself, it's not lost.


There is an event where guys offer to share a drink with them that append some time on the road. You may try to add a random chance they get him drunk if the player character accept their offer. Or not, just an idea who came to my mind reading your post.

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