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Frequent freezing and CTDs on loading saves


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Hey there.


Skyrim keeps freezing on me, every 20 minutes or so, which is really starting to get on my nerves. And even better, sometimes my saves just won't load. I know that Skyrim is unstable even on its own at times, and even more so when having around 130 mods (like I do), but is there anyway I can fix this?

​I've attached my load order.





​Can someone please shed some insight into this?


​Thanks in advance.




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WARZONES - Civil Unrest.esp
WARZONES - DLC - Assault Attack.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm
Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
Duel - Combat Realism.esp
SexLab Submit.esp
lots of script load -- I've culled most of those from my build, kept only defeat and SL. (using a heavily modified -- script-free SoS light, use other alternates for combat.. warzones etc.) I still run near 250 esp (many are merges), and rarely ctd. I'll often do a test build, in MO to try out new mods, a branching test ( the branches, or saves from the test get deleted eventually, when all the ctds begin), Otherwise I play with a script-clean (script-light) build for ctd free gameplay.   
to get a sense of how many new scripts you're adding to your build; use Mod Organizer click on "data" tab, and navigate down to "scripts". Some scripts are better than others, many do not cloak or run continuously in background, they just trigger on seldom events and are fine to have. The level of system complexity is dramatically increased when you add in any new mod with papyrus load. Very often it will just be one mod, "Duel" for instance, that breaks the game. Some mods are known for having high papyrus load and bad scripting practices, and can be the culprit. More often it is just "too many" scipts from too many mods.
If you are thinking of rebuilding/ordering your game, remove all heavily scripted mods, then add a few back at a time. You'll begin to notice your frame rate dropping when you add certain scripty mods with high papyrus load. Your game will begin to stutter a bit, lag at times, lag momentarily when loading into a new cell, and -- CTD. 
Don't forget to use all the memory patches, enbBoost stuff (or just an enb). And you can usually salvage a saved game using SaveTool.exe up to a point. S.T.E.P has all the best info for configuration, patching, etc. You can ala carte stuff at S.T.E.P if you know what you're doing.  You can also ctd with too much geometry/imagery (+ scipts) weighing down your system. Things like HQ texture pacs and DynDoLoD can be over-done, breaking the camels back. 
I love scripted mods and all the unique gameplay they offer, I just can't love them enough to suffer through all the ctds and freezing. You can 'tactfully' ask in mod threads if they have scripts running/cloaking/polling in background. You can only use a few of these at a time. 


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Does not need to be script heavy too many textures/ npc's adding mods also causes freezes/ ctd's And he seem to have both at the same time. So it could be bad combination of mods to run at the same time.


Better vampire also has is heavy papyrus lag.


Wyrmtooth / Falskar also seem to add allot so do think about cutting down and the type of mods you want too play, and try only having those in your list.


Btw the op never mentioned what type of pc he has. Maybe start naming what type of pc you have people here can help you better.

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New ENB Boost version: 3.03, give it a try, may be all you'll need.


My friend, I don't know who you are, but I cannot thank you enough! You and this tiny thing here just made my day. Hell, you made my week! I didn't even have to bother adjusting the enblocal.ini file. I just downloaded the new binaries from Boris' site and voila! Constant 60 FPS at all times. Hah, Skyrim is playing so fast now I'll need time to adjust :)


Thank you once again, blessings and good tidings to you, your children, and your children's children! Talos guide you! :D

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