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[DOA5LR] Mods are broken please help


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Hi all,

        I have been using some of the mods that are from here on my steam copy of DOA5 (the mods are very nice and I thank you all for taking the time to work on them). However the game recently updated on steam and now the game won't run with mods (I really wish I could disable updates).


I have been using lnk_reshuffle to replace costumes and I was also using the camera unlock mod which meant I have both DInput8.dll and lnk_reshuffle.dll. First I was getting an error message 'ipfnDirectInput8 Create Error' (googling the error gives no returns), but if I take DInput.dll out of the game folder it launches but with no costume swaps.


I downloaded the most recent lnk_reshuffle 4.5.7 but with that installed the game just refuses to launch and lnk_reshuffle refuses to launch too.


I see the community here is still able to use mods so I ask what am I missing?


Many thanks,



P.S. I would like to avoid using the cracked game if I can.

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As an alternative perhaps try archive tool? Really not sure what's wrong with lnk to be honest, unless tecmo patched it out. I'm running an ancient game version that i moved out of my steam folder and run with a crack to avoid this very issue, but archive tool is the next thing I'd try.




Tool and (simple) tutorial in the link.

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