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So either a More Nasty Critters (MNC) problem or something else. Female werewolves using the same male werewolf models


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Here's my load order, let me know if maybe it's my load order, or if I just forgot to download & install a mod or something.


1 SexLab Framework
2 Creature Framework RC12
3 Captured Dreams
4 SexLab Creature Animations v160
5 Devious Captures
6 Devious Devices Equip 116
7 Devious Devices for the Masses II v2.8
8 Devious Devices - Submit
9 Devious Devices Assets
10 Devious Devices Expansion
11 Devious Devices Integration 2.9.2
12 Deviously Helpless v1.15d
13 Skyrim Bound
14 SexLab Submit 01SEP14 1133
15 Shared Serana Dialogue v1.1
16 SexLab Submit Serana's Voice
17 SexLab Tools v3.0
18 Defeat v5.2.2
19 SexLab Aroused v27a Loose
20 Submit + Devious Devices + Follower Friendly
21 SexLab Aroused Creatures v04.0 Alpha 03
22 UnTamed
23 More Nasty Critters
24 Creature Children (By the way, creature children isn't working?)
25 Sexualized True Wolves of Skyrim for MNC
26 Creature Features 1.0.4
27 xazAnimation Pack
28 xazPrison Overhaul

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Nothing in your load order gives female werewolves their own model. BethSoft cut corners in the base game by using the same model for both genders so any change to the werewolf model affects female werewolves and males alike.

Try something like HDT werewolves or Adult Werewolves Reforged or, if the penis isn't the problem but the lack of female bits on the female models, Hermaphrodite Werewolves.

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