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Problems with combat evolved ??


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So i have this combat mod installed but i am have a major problem dealing with a simple spider/chaurus they seem to be spamming the paralyse spell like crazy every hit seem to paralize this does not seem right. how are you suppose too defend yourself against this ?? Might asswell turn every enemy essential..

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thats why  you need companions and you need to plan before attacking mine i have problem with the ice whirlwind spell  that can always 1 hit me but i can still manage it you just need to plan and strategized and also set yours to novice if your lvl 10 below or you might get 1 hitted   im using combat evolve with revenge of the enemy 

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Thanks i will try that. but it looked pretty overpowered too me.. Dovakin can't use his shouts every seconds either. So why should paralize kick in every on hit there should have been timer or at least a chance the paralize would fail when using heavy armor.

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