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Need help in making custom follower


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Hi everyone ! Thanks to this tutorial ---> link I was about to achieve my goal and convert my character into a standalone follower.


Thing is, something very strange occured....


My follower does have all the dialogue options and so on, but she doesn't have any warpaint at all and a horrible neck seam (and I think the skin tone is a bit different).


And I found out by the "help" command in the console that there were not one, but two Xana (my follower's name) !


When I use the "player.placeatme" command to see how she looks like, she is exactly how I wanted her to be, but she doesn't have any dialogue options and keep insulting me ("skeever but", etc...).


I put a picture, on the right, the good looking but mean follower, on the left, the kind but not good looking follower :


So what should I do ? I did the right settings in relationships and factions. For the warpaint, I put it directly on the follower's skinhead texture. It seemed a little bit hazardous, but when I saw the second Xana, there is no doubt that should work, right ?


Does somebody has a little time to help me out and explain to me how I can add warpaint from mods into a standalone follower in a more stable way ? Or how can I get the second follower working ?


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