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Modding Q: Odd eye reflection


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Need some help with an issue I'm having.  I'm working on making some custom NPCs and I've been using Racemenu to sculpt the faces, then building the texture and head parts in CK and finally using nifmerge to merge the custom sculpt with the face geometry.  Those who've done this probably know what all that means.  Everything is going well except for an odd problem that appears occasionally which I haven't been able to solve.


Sometimes when one of the NPCs looks at me there's an odd silvery reflection covering part or all of the eye.  This seems to only affect the right eye (I've not notice it on the left eye) and it only shows up briefly and infrequently.  I'm not sure what's causing this or how to fix it.  If anyone has encountered this and knows what the fix is, I'd love to hear from you.


I'll post a screen shot when i can catch one, the effect is usually so brief its hard to get one.

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Thanks, looked at the thread and yes the screen shot someone posted looked exactly like what I'm seeing, even the same eye (right eye, seems to always be the right eye).  I'll swap the maps as suggested an see if that works.


Just a note, one of the two NPC I had done a custom eye texture set, the other was using a default one from in game, both had the odd reflection.  So my guess is something happens when you merge the nif files that causes the environment map to get applied wrong, but as to what exactly I don't know.


So far I can't find this "environment mask" they mention, all I have are eye environment masks.  The tutorials I've been following change the textures within CK, they don't do this in nifskope so I'm kind of curious about the differences.


EDIT:  After doing some more research now that I had a better idea what to look for, I found this which helped answer some of my questions about this.  Posting here for others.  Nifmerge Sticky Post

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