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Changing Gender of NPC

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I'm attempting to change the gender of the prisoner in the Vile Lair DLC.  I flagged him as female, changed his face to female and  changed his hair.  


I didn't see any changes when I went into the game. So i resurrected him using resurrect command in console.  His face, hair, and eyes changed to what I made them in CS but his gender is still male. 


How do I change him to female?   Or do gender changes require a new game to kick in?

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Yes and no.

I had the same problem when I created the male version of LoversImmoralGuards. I wanted to test it, replaced the female esp with the male esp , but the Guard were still female.

I had to start a new game for testing.

But it is possible, there is a Mod (Nexus) with which you can change NPCs in game ( Gender, hair-style,...). Sorry can't remember the name of the Mod.


But you can "fix" the NPC with a clean save. Deactivate the Vile Lair DLC in OBMM, load the game, wait 3 days (wait function), save the game ( now all saved entries are deleted from your Save ), activate the Vile Lair DLC  and the NPC should be fine.

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