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Restricted animation list with Devious Devices

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I'm having this issue with the Devious Devices suite of mods.


I'm not sure if it's a 'feature' or a bug but, whenever my character is wearing devices, Sexlab will only select animations from a very limited set. As far as I can tell, it isn't picking animations that I've registered as aggressive. Rather, it seems like DD has its own set of animations deemed suitable for bondage sexings. Unfortunately, while a few of these animations are decent a lot of them are markedly lower-quality than the majority of SexLab animations.


For most SexLab encounters, I use the SexLab Tools mod to pick exactly which animation I want to use. It's super convenient! But during a scene influenced by DD, I usually can't even see more than one option in the list that SexLab Tools shows me -- and even when I use it to forcibly select a different 'tag' for the animation, it will ignore my choice and continue using the first one.


So I'm hoping that someone can tell me how I can make Devious Devices allow a broader selection of animations. :3





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