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Slot Renumbering Tool or Script?


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there's a similiar thread that might be able to help you with that



 Qoute from a member named DarkMatter, 


As already mentioned, Armor, ArmorAddon and the corresponding mesh in NifSkope have to use the same Body Slot or else the item just will be invisible ingame. It doesn't matter what Slot you use for what item as long as it isn't already in use - with a few exceptions of course. Absolutely no need for any scripts within Tes5Edit. I attached a picture to show you where you can find the part you have to edit. You have to find the armor first in the .esp in the "Armor" category and look for the part with numbers on the right side as shown below. Then just right-click on "32 - Body" (or whatever the number is) and click on Edit. Unmark the number in use and mark the one, you want to use, done. Now look below for the ArmorAddon (framed in green), look for it in the ArmorAddon category on the left side and do the same again. That's it. Just do the same in NifSkope like shown further above in the thread and everything should work just fine.


i know nothing about this, but i thought that may be helpful for you.

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