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New modder.


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Hi, I looked up almost all the basic threads here and even though I remember there was a thread were some nice people guide you on how to create mods, I can't find it. I want to try myself out on modding community, I want to become a modder so I can provide mods for skyrim for everyone. Is there any way someone to tell me which 3d software and what other softwares I need for this kind of task? I only know so far NIF smth or so, but I'm interested to at least try and do my best to create something. 

My pc specs are : 

CPU : Intel 4570 3.2GHz
GPU : GTX 750 Ti - someday soon upgraded to GTX970 4GB EVGA - worth? 
RAM : 8GB 
Disk Space : A lot. Don't bother. 
Browser : Chrome.
Monitor : Samsung TV 1920x1080 native resolution.

Traits about me : 

I always wanted to provide and help, unfortunately at Skyrim and I couldn't do anything, I want this to change. Skyrim was one of the greatest open world rpg games, with tons of quests, extra quests, story content and characters. When I saw the beauty of mods, I was mesmerized by every modder's work. Even now, Skyrim continues to grow, most of its community is dead, sadly, but I want to learn and re-ignite the passion about it.

I am also very sorry If there is a post like that already, as I said I searched and didn't find it, If a moderator wants to move this post to the according thread, that would be very nice. 

Thank you for your time.  

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I can probably answear one question, more or less, even if I m a newb skyrim moder too.


The spec dont realy mater depending on what mod you are doing. You dont need any computer power to wright script or use CK for exemple. If you are planing on doing a high end ENB in the other hand, it will be hard to test without a computer who can actualy run it.


So if your question was, "it is worth it to change my GC for moding purpose", the answear is highly probably no. £If a moded skyrim already run on your computer you have the fire power for begining moding. Depending on what mod you do you may discover on the way that you need a better GC, but its not likely to apend.

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Start with small and easy things.


Simple retextures, armor mash ups via nifskope, ck landscaping, basic quests creating then move onto bigger ones like outfitstudio2 and bodyslide/custom scripts/events. Its a good mid-ground thing to learn the basics and easy.

Once you master it go to the next step porting stuff/ creating stuff/more advanced mash ups with blender/3dsmax or even animations.


And imo Skyrim modding is far from being dead, not until next TES. And Fallout4 won't replace skyrim modding anytime soon.


The most important thing you need to "want it", otherwise you won't get anywhere. Strong will and self-learning plays a huge role here, just go to google type "skyrim nif file extension" and start learning from here.

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Thanks for the answers. I'm using the Blender atm, but it's very hard to actually create smth. I'm looking on some guides on YT, but most of the videos there are just taking it too slow filling up time with a lot of things - which 90% of them are not necessary or taking too long - or they are too complicated. I learned how to port an image from a weapon for example and how to use the S/Z to resize/make flat the cube. 

I know these steps are not even important but babysteps = win win. The program itself doesn't seem to want to let me work though...everything is chaotic. XD 

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The place where I found the most usefull tutorial for blender for free along the years was blender guru. There is a couple of blender school that have amazing tuto to but 90% arent free so I probably start by blender guru if I was starting to learn blender now. I will also look at blender cookies but as its a scool you will not have acces of all thery resource without paying. Still they have some cool basic tutorial as they use the drugs dealer strategy of giving you a tast and make you pay for more. With the diference that what they are selling is pretty good.


After that, its hard to give you direction not knowing what you actualy want to do as mods. Its diferent to model a body, a house or an armor for exemple. You wont use exacly all the same tools in blender.


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