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Native American Amerindian Clothes for females CBBE (maybe UNP)


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First off sorry if this isn't the correct place, it's my first time posting anything on here ever.


Alright, so what I'm looking for is Native American based/themed armors and clothing for females CBBE (or CBBE texture compatible bods or UNP), and maybe a few for males as well (FS, SOS or similar).


I'm playing my character as a Kothringi, who were more or less the human equivalent of Argonians. Argonian culture at least in teso is based on the mayaincatec trope, so preferably I'm looking for stuff based on the tribes of Mexico and southwestern US that were outside the Maya and Aztec empires (i.e. Argonian empires =p). I mean for all we know silver-skin probably had the same connotation as red-skin.


Having searched way to much then is healthy I realize this kind of stuff is not an easy find, so in truth I'll be happy with almost any armor/clothing based on any tribe, it doesn't even have to be a real tribe at this point. So if you happen to know about let's say for example a Cherokee or Ojibwe styled armor please share. Although finding or even making one based on my preferred groups will nab you bonus points lol.


I found these pictures of some pretty interesting clothes on a similar thread, but had no download links. Pictures attached: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36615-request-native-american-outfits-for-women/


Thanks a ton x million for anyone who helps me. 




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