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New modder having issues with skeleton installation


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Hi everyone.  I am pretty new to modding and wanted to add HDT extensions to CBBE body.  My problem is that I haven't been able to find a answer to what is the  correct XP32Maximum Skeleton extended installation selection I should use.  When I try and install it per the LL instruction guide and Mod organizer am unsure which skeleton to install.  I see the HDT skeleton but it doesn't mention CBBE.  The BBP Skeleton warns not to use with HDT.  The CBE warns that its for character behaviors advanced and warns not to use if you don't know what that means.  The CBE BBP warns not to use with HDT physics.  The last two XPMS BBP and XPMS CBE warn these are old files not to use.  I am confused which skeleton should I install and does CBBE not work with HDT?

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The only reason not to pick the HDT version is if you are using TBBP, which is outdated. CBE is for character behaviors advanced, and like the installer said if you don't know what it is just don't enable it.


You don't need a different skeleton for cbbe/unp, they both use the same one.

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To be honest I barely even remember how tbbp worked, I have been using HDT since it was released. I think it is much, much better and apparently everyone else thought so to  :D


IIRC TBBP required specific animation sets to use, while HDT works with any animations.

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