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A script I wanted to share with you all


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This is a script to bring up a list of names of female companions you have with you and then get them banged I'm using in the current version of Tryout. It could be used for a variety of different things - like in a breeder mod where you have to choose who has sex with what, or choosing what offspring to sell, etc. I attach it to a token that's silently added to the player's inventory, so I can have the script run on multiple people at the same time if the need arises.


This is a heavily modified version of an Oblivion script (I'm guessing the origin author was one of the famous "unknown Japanese modders") that Odessa helped me with.


Feel free to modify it, or keep it how it is for mods that will use Tryout as a master.

scn SOTOCompanionOfferScript

ref rf01 ;; first companion
ref rf02 ;; second companion
ref rf03 ;; third companion
ref rf04 ;; fourth companion
ref rf05 ;; fifth companion
ref rf06 ;; sixth companion
ref rf07 ;; seventh companion
ref rf08 ;; player
ref rf09 ;; placeholder
ref Partner ;; the one banging the girl
short button
Begin GameMode
;; At the top here, assign who want as your ref variables
  set rf01 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion1
  set rf02 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion2
  set rf03 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion3
  set rf04 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion4
  set rf05 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion5
  set rf06 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion6
  set rf07 to TryoutGirlGetterQuest.Companion7
  set rf08 to PlayerRef
  set Partner to SexoutLegion.rPartner ;; using the quest ref variable lets me pull a partner from dialog or the Tryout scanner
;; Standard NVSE MessageBoxEx syntax - the part in quotation marks tells the box what to display (the numbers are for the buttons) and the list of refs after it tells it in what order to populate the %n symbols.

  MessageBoxEx"Which follower will %n use?|1: %n|2: %n|3: %n|4: %n|5: %n|6: %n|7: %n|8: %n|9: Just Watch" Partner rf01 rf02 rf03 rf04 rf05 rf06 rf07 rf08
Begin MenuMode 1001
  set button to GetButtonPressed
  if button == -1
;; Always start with button 0. You can make the result script for the button do whatever you want, but for obvious reasons you'll probably want it do something to the person named in the button.
  if button == 0 ;;
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf01
  elseif button == 1
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf02
  elseif button == 2
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf03
  elseif button == 3
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf04
  elseif button == 4
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf05
  elseif button == 5
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf06
  elseif button == 6
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf07
  elseif button == 7
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner "actorB"::rf08
  elseif button == 8
    call fnSexoutActRunFull ar_map "actorA"::Partner
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