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Animation through Dialogue?


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Could anyone point me to a proper tutorial on starting a 2 actor animation through dialogue; at the current position of the actors?  I feel stupid, I have been looking for a tutorial on this for a long time but haven't been able to find it.  I also haven't been able to properly backwards engineer other people's mods to figure this out.  Thanks.

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Most of your errors are likely from not having the source scripts in the date\script\source folder, several of the required mods don't automatically install them. When you build a script whatever your script connects to is checked as well as whatever those scripts are connected to. I know that SkyUI and SKSE don't include them in the normal installation.


There are 2 ways to do it, one is to put the lines contained in your function in the script fragment box in the dialogue and the other is to add a script to the quest itself in the scripts tag, build your function and trigger the function from the dialogue. You are probably better off using the second method so you can use it without building it over and over and if you want to change it you would only have to do it once.


As far as the script you have above I see 2 things immediately that will need correcting:

1- Scriptname KeltolHeadMistressSpankingScript extends ObjectReference - Object Reference is for scripts on an object. When you build a new script in the CK it should fill in the header automatically.

2- You need actor properties for both of the actors listed



Building the script in the dialogue to run the function is rather easy but you will want the main one built first or it will not compile properly.

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Using GetOwningQuest connects to the quest and not to the script itself. To connect to the script you need to add the script as a property, the property for sexlab in your script is how it is set up. Here is how to do it in the properties window:


Open the properties window for the script fragment in the dialogue and click 'Add Property'

In the Type field enter the fill name of the script on the quest where your function is.

In the Name field enter the name of the script that you will be using to refer to it in the script fragment. I recommend something short just make sure it is not the same as a command or something like that.

Your fragment should have the command like this:   <script property name>.HeadMistressSpanks(akSpeaker)


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