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Help - Skyrim custom home music problem.


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Hello, it's been so long since the last time I was here. And this time, I have a problem which is maybe very easy for many of you, but it's enough challenging for me. lol. The problem I have, is I cannot put the .wav music file I made to play in a custom house. I made it playable for the taverns, and I also know how to make it for the login screen, but homes? Nope...I can't make it. 

Example : I want to put my .wav music file, to the mod called : Eagle's Nest by Flaho Shi. - great modder btw, one of the best, I 100% recommend his mod If u want the best house in skyrim. -

Anyway, and it doesn't work. I even extracted the bsa files to see If there's any music folder inside the bsa, and it's nothing. I'm out of ideas, I don't know what to do, I have the music folder with the track on the Data folder, and I'm stuck there. Any kind of help or information on the matter would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your time I hope someone helps me. Be good and be happy.  

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