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Any script experts here?


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Depending on how long I play Skyrim, my memory usage goes anywhere from 65 to 90%, and the game freezes, usually first beset with stuttering.  I have Win7 32Bit, 4 Gigs system RAM, and an MSI GTX 960 4G.


The only way I can get my game to work again is reverting to an old save, or by using Save Cleaner.  A typical script list is included, below.  I got this list from the display from Save Cleaner.   I have and use all of the usual tools, like FNIS, TESV Edit, LOOT, and I use Mod Organizer.


When I generate a Papyrus Log, I get a L-O-T of the same errors, usually referring to Creature Features.  I can provide a P-Log if needed, and also my mod list.


Any questions, etc, do not hesitate.  Thanks!!


Removing scripts attached to the nonexistent created forms..

FF001733: ActorBase
FF00132D: ActorBase
FF001DFD: ActorBase
FF001A14: ActorBase
FF001BEE: ActorBase
FF000F84: ActorBase
FF001CB4: DLC1DawnguardItemScript
FF001914: ActorBase
FF001DF6: ActorBase
FF001DF7: ActorBase
FF001DF2: ActorBase
FF001E05: ActorBase
FF0016C3: ObjectReference
FF000964: ObjectReference
FF000964: ActorBase
FF0018EA: ActorBase
FF00098B: ActorBase
FF0015F1: ActorBase
FF0015F1: WERoad08LetterScript
FF001909: ActorBase
FF001136: ActorBase
FF000F6A: ActorBase
FF000C9D: ActorBase
FF00123D: Form
FF001C3E: ActorBase
FF001C3F: ActorBase
FF00101A: ActorBase
FF0009AF: ActorBase
FF00101E: ActorBase
FF001421: WERoad08LetterScript
FF001C3A: ActorBase
FF001400: ActorBase
FF001BD9: ActorBase
FF001CCC: ActorBase
FF001CCD: ActorBase
FF00095C: ObjectReference
FF001CC8: ActorBase
FF001713: ActorBase
FF001419: ActorBase
FF000CAE: ActorBase
FF001717: ActorBase
FF000846: ActorBase
FF001CB4: DLC1DawnguardItemScript
FF001837: ActorBase
FF000843: ActorBase
FF00164A: ActorBase
FF0011A3: ActorBase
FF001437: DLC1DawnguardItemScript
FF001A93: ActorBase
FF001CB4: DefaultOnReadSetQuestStageNotAlias
FF00164F: ActorBase
FF000818: ActorBase
FF00186D: ActorBase
FF001C52: WERoad08LetterScript
FF001358: ActorBase
FF001732: CFEffectCreatureApply
FF001C61: ActorBase

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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner; I've been out of town.  You, or anyone, can check out the Papyrus Log at the following:



I adjusted my available video memory using the excellent "VRamSizeTest" and have less issues with ctd's, and I can play a lot longer without major issues. However, as can be seen in the photos, I have a major issue with the head and body textures not matching. My guess is that it's something I've done concerning mods, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out.  maybe someone else has had this issue and will see something in my mod list of load order. I use LOOT and M.O. for most everything.


Thanks in advance for whatever help I get.

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