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Because, why not?


Still a beta and may still have some bugs, but we're getting there.


Here's what this one does:

  • Limited and Unlimited resource modes.
  • Gives random amount of ores (1 to 5) at every hit (attack) or once in three swings (activate).
  • Gives slightly more gems than the vanilla script.
  • Compatible with Dragonborn DLC.
  • Based on USKP MineOreScript.
  • Source code included.
  • Unlimited Resource Mode (Default) :

    -  Continuous mining, no depletion.

  • Limited Resource Mode :

    - Ore vein will deplete.

    - Enabled by activating the ore vein while sneaking.

    - Random amount of resource per each ore vein. It currently varies between 50 and 150, might change in later versions.

    - The amount of resource assigned to each ore vein is precisely what you get from that vein, if you mine until it depletes.

    - The total and the remaining ore amount is displayed as you mine (e.g. Remaining Ore : 25 / 60).

  • RC2


    - Couldn't find a decent way to add two or more of the same leveled gem into player's inventory.

    - Removed the If block instead, which should allow you to receive slightly more gems.

    - RC2 is pretty much the final version as I have nothing more to add to the script.


  • RC1


    - Couple of bug fixes.

    - Script, source code and the description updated.

    - Total amount of ore is between 50 and 150 in Limited Resouce Mode

    - A few debug messages added. Will possibly be removed on the final version.


  • Initial upload.


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New version: Yet Another MineOreScript RC2 (probably the final version).


Let me know what you think as the most realistic amount of ore per vein to be used for the limited resource mode. Being a greedy miner, I set this as a random number between 50 and 150 as stated in the OP, but this may be a bit too much. This will probably be the last change to the script.

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