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If you're using Homemaker and Snap n Build, what's your load order?

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For the life of me I cant' get these 2 mods to work together and show up in the settlement editor right. Either will work find separate, but together, with the various patches and what not, they don't work work together over here.


So if I could get a sample load order, I can probably get it from there. 


using Homemaker 1.32d plus SnB 1.5 (latest as of this posting) oh and Settlement Keywords.

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Snap'n Build.esm
Homemaker - SK Integration Patch.esp
Homemaker - Greenhouse and Bunker Disabler SK.esp
Homemaker - Unlocked Institute Objects SK.esp


You don't need any other Snap 'n Build plugins if you use the SK version, so get rid of the extras, they can mess things up.

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