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Problems with Slaverun


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So yesterday I installed this mod, but I've stopped nearly at the beginning, cause it's asking me to talk to Lucan Valerius but the mission won't point me to it. Turns out there's no Lucan anymore in my Skyrim, maybe I disabled it a long ago and forgot about it... How should I proceed? I've tried out doing "enable 00013487 (his ref ID)" but it just won't work. Placing a copy of him with placeatme won't work either

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Uhm... I don't remember exactly but:


OR It get killed, in that case you should resurrect Him

Or you have disabled it...


Check if Camilla is ruling the shop (in that case is dead)


Use the console Command "Prid *ID*" to select him

Lucan should be "Prid 00013487"


So you have it selected, Then you use Resurrect or PlaceAtMe, or both...


Let me know.

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