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Combat Music Replacer Mod


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I'm pretty new to this forum, but I love mods and I've heard about Lovers Lab for awhile. I've poked about a few times but never got around to joining until now.  B)


I just recently made a Combat Music Replacer Mod and wanted to help give it a nudge in the right direction, hoping people see it a little better, as it's essentially my first mod. Most of the time I'd agree that self promotion is looked down upon, but I really put a lot of meticulous time and effort into piecing together the best "finished product" for everyone.


Unfortunately, there's only a handful of combat music mods out right now so I thought that I'd step up to this categorical drought. I apologize if I've been a dickhead for linking my own mod.  :unsure:


If you dig what I made, I certainly appreciate any sort of commendation you have to offer.


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