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I fiddled with the Cute Jeniffer mod from Nexus in  nifscope on got these marks on the hips and crotchpost-28-0-17194500-1453220982_thumb.jpgpost-28-0-45171600-1453221009_thumb.jpg


I am not good with the tools but are there a way to get rid of those marks/residue from the cloth?

 The author gave me a nifscope tip but it did not remove the markings and then another about editing the  textures or something.....?


Thank you

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You can use outfit studio to handle this


If they are sperate parts you can directly delete them


If not you can use the zap slider


thanks for reply


Boots and body is one


Zap slider? as i mentioned im not friends with the tools ....so can you explain that please?


 Edit: I cannot load the nif in OS but i can preview it in BS.....hm

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Thanks for reply

Trying to learn this BS/OS.....so


The nif im trying to modify is all ready converted to my body preset. The (my) theori is that deleting the body from the nif should leave me with the boots only and when rebuilding the dress, in BS,i should have my preset body in the boots.....post-28-0-85298700-1453628055_thumb.jpgpost-28-0-56697600-1453628073_thumb.jpg


But how to do that? How to get the new nif( boots only) into BS?


All this to get rid of the marks/residue from the dress on the body ?


Is that a fantasy or?



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