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Nexus is no longer banning Lover's Lab

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This is an interesting developement, with the added age gate feature of the site put in last update, Dark0ne has now removed LL from the Banned list, and it's now allowed to link directly and speak of Lover's Lab on the Nexus. The relevant post;



So it does. I'll let SirSalami, the community manager know, who can let the moderators know, and we can remove the block.


I do enjoy proving Kendo wrong, time and again  smile.gif


Edit: Removed the block from the filter.


I'm sure Kendo will just be thrilled of this mention.




Note that direct links to mods that go against Nexus policy is still not allowed however, so take that as you will. It will allow FoxFingers to link to the Lover's Lab "Full" version of Amorous Adventures on his Nexus page (sex mods like 0S3KSY is still allowed there), but it won't allow Fore to link to bestiality animation mods.

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