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The dragonborn, a hero renowned across Skyrim for fearless bravery, honeyed words and, um, interior decorating skills. Indeed I suspect that many a gruff warrior has placed their weapon of choice neatly on a stand, cleaned the blood off their armour and then sat down with a carafe of wine to make the really important decisions in life, like whether the chartreuse coloured rug in the living room looks a bit too froofy.


Or maybe that's just me? Regardless, I'd love to see the places your dragonborn has decided to call home be it a cave or grand castle, a mod or vanilla home.


A bit of flavour text is always welcome but by no means essential.

If the home is from a mod then readers may wish to know what mod it's from.

If your home has a number of scantily clad *ahem* servants then it may be polite to use a spoiler tag marked NSFW.


Galvanic Armoury



Player home from the mod Helgen Reborn.

Forge etc added via console and placed using Jaxonz Positioner.

Weapons and Armours mostly from immersive weapons and immersive armors.



Welcome to our forge. I am Ki Chi, master smith, enchantress and purveyor of the finest overpowered end game armour. We are not open to the public so if you're here then I assume you have a letter of recommendation?

... Ah, a letter from Jarl Balgruuf no less. Excellent, please step this way sir.



From the display cases you can see we use the rarest minerals, most luxurious furs and blackest soul gems to create our products. All acquired through use of the finest console commands in all Tamriel.



If you come through to the back we have the latest in nordic warrior fashion...



... Casual wear fit for mages and nobles alike...



... And heraldic armour is available for members of the noble houses.

... Oh, sir likes the yellow and purple.

... Yes, if you want a greatsword in that colour we could use moonstone and polished quicksilver to get that effect.

... With gemstones and 'bling' on the hilt. Um, ok.

... And sabrecat trim. I, uh, yes I suppose we could do that.

... You're willing to pay how much for it!

... Yes, as I was saying, you clearly have the most exquisite taste and style. Perhaps sir would like a matching set of armour to go with his new sword?




Vlindrel Hall



Permanent magelight used for the lighting.



Love the entrance to Vlindrel Hall, always made me smile as I headed out for a day of slaughtering bandits and mindless grave robbing.



From the days before Jaxonz mods.

Open console... mark for delete, mark for delete, mark for delete... run outside... run inside and hope I've deleted the right things.

Hold E on object... make numerous attempts to place it correctly.



Lurdan's study table full of Dwemer artefacts.




Okran Dee's Bunker



The camp is from one of the camping mods, I think it was Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger.

The bunker is from the mod Craftable Cloud Storage.



I set up the camp outside Whiterun and it has it's own map marker so I could fast travel straight to my bed, which was nice after a hard day of chasing vampires (daughters).

Inside the tent is a hatch placed using the key from craftable cloud storage.



The hatch leads here, a bunker with fully auto sorting storage so it was a case of dumping loot in the general chest and let it automatically move across to the correct container for armour, weapons, alchemy, etc. Alchemy and enchanting tables added via console for the complete convenience home.



Can't remember what mod this was from, if anyone knows please say. The mod adds nine small player homes dotted round Skyrim each with a potential follower living in it, the one in shot being a small cabin in the hills between Riverwood and Whiterun. It might have been an early version of Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim that I can't find because it's been updated?


The reason I mention it isn't just because they were awesome little places to live, it's because the character you see here is Okran Dee, vampire hunter and proof that an orc can be suave and sophisticated.


It's something of an occupational hazard for vampire hunters that they might be turned in to vampires themselves, however as a gentleman I do not go round biting the necks of fair maidens in the night because when brought gifts and treated right a fair maiden may volunteer herself to me and who am I to deny her the experience of my manly charms?


By use of the mod Sexlab Attraction and the chance based chat up line in Sexlab Submit I only fed on ladies who were willing and the above mod made for a fun playthrough by providing some *ahem* resting places.




Skooma Whore





Yeah right, like this character ever got her shit together enough to own a home.

(Mod used, Skooma Whore)




Heljarchen Hall




Heljarchen Hall Reform

Heljarchen Farm

Milk Mod Economy




The original hearthfire house always felt a bit oddly placed to me especially as you tended to walk out the door to find a giant standing in the garden scratching his nads and generally being smelly. The Reform and Farm mods change all that and integrate the house in to the surrounding area with a working farm, employees, road, walls to protect the manor house from attack and a bunch of other stuff. Really cool mods.


I also love it because this house was the conclusion of a playthrough that happened almost by accident while experimenting with various body mods, unarmed mods and animations. The intention was to have a few hours fun playing as a feral animal that terrorised travellers and lived in a cave however several hundred hours and numerous quest mods later I'd been through a journey from animal to landowning nobility via slavery, mercenary work, political intrigue and more. In retrospect I should have realised that a flying ninja khajiit was going to be pretty damn epic.



Spartan but comfortable farmhouse interior. Only the divines know what animal that rug came from, it doesn't look like mammoth fur but if that was a sabre cat then 0_0



This room is, um, well. This is a working farm and some of my clients require discretion. Please, I only brought you here because this trapdoor leads to my quarters.



All this space available in the house yet I chose to live down here. It's comfortable though and has all the amenities.



A desk to sit and read books and at the far end you can just about see the pile of furs I sleep on.



My tribute to the nine divines. I have a feeling that while they may look over me they do so with a combination of horror and bemused fascination.




Breezehome Dairy

NSFW - Milk Mod Economy content. There really is no need for you to click this button.




*Market seller's voice*

Buy yer fresh milk ere. Dairy products, cheeses, girls milked fresh every morning.

Get your milk here, nutritious and full of flavour. Special offer on milk potions, 3 for a phaaaand of gold.



Breezehome dairy complete with Lydia storage solution.



I don't know if it was because of the civil war but the milk run was getting more dangerous by the day. The roads were full of wolves, bandits and stormcloaks with their knickers in a twist about us being milk drinkers. At least we had Lydia to make sure the milk got through, she's thick as two short planks with a personality that could get on the nerves of the most beneficent priest of Mara but my god, what a tank of a woman!


It was about this time that us milk maids got together and started to ask questions about the soul gems we were producing (mod - Soul Gem Oven). It seemed to us that despite all the talk of us being just sows and milk producers it was actually us that had the power if only we could organize. It's time to form a union!


From these humble beginnings the Milk Mages Guild was formed and set out to pacify the trade routes of Skyrim. Thanks to the use of AFT and other mods I was able to station milk mages at major trouble spots like Valtheim Towers and Robber's Gorge so that when the grid loaded the bandits would be getting the shit kicked out of them by exceedingly busty warrior milk maids.


Sadly I don't have many screenshots of this play through but as comedy entertainment it was right up there.



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I currently live in Whiterun with my not-bandit followers, so it's not that fancy or breath taking. There are empty bottles all over the place and sometimes they will literally fight over them. I think I should pay them a little more.

NSFW because there is some skimpy content, so NSFW just in case.


Here it is. My lovely little house and my totally-not-bandit lawful followers. They had a little argument so one of them is currently retired.



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Well that's quite a story to have in one image.


For some reason a scene from Pulp Fiction comes to mind.


> No, No, No, No, let me ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said "Dead khajiit Storage"?

+ you know I ain't seen no...

> [getting angry] Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said "Dead khajiit Storage"?

+ [pause] No. I didn't.

> You know WHY you didn't see that sign?

+ Why?

> 'Cause it ain't there, 'cause storing dead khajiit ain't  my fucking business, that's why!


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