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  1. i tried to swap but now the files are gone and the goddess doesn't appear. its still standard
  2. did you figuered it out? i have the same problem. change the hair style if you dont have a face mod, btw. hair gets normal but something like the sharingan will disapear.
  3. Didn't work for me and now are the mentioned original files gone. can someone help me?
  4. that would be interesting. but the game (at least the multiplayer) was already dead when i bought it at the time it was on sale in the eshop (eur/ger).
  5. Do you know where the X/Y-Outfit files (in Battle) in OR/AS are? i am trying to implement the files into them but could not find the outfit-files.
  6. File 8 and 9: https://mega.nz/folder/e14kQADJ#fG9y4ejxd1f1a1u6NqikWw both files are tested working with x and y* *edit: European version. It is only tested on the european versions. I'm from Germany sooo, of course it's the eu-version.
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