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exists mod order to heal?


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Does anyone know any modification that makes the NPC (fellow and curator) heal me, with one click?

I'm there, suffering, injured, near death, and my healing companion looking for my suffering without doing anything ... Instead of healing me ...

I wanted a mod with a hotkey, that an order for him to heal me ...

(there is this mod for "oblivion" and got used to it)

Does anyone know of a mod thus, for Skyrim?

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Teach Healing Hands or whatever healing spell to the follower (by console or mod that allows you to teach spells to followers).

Bind a hotkey to use the spell on you. You also need to bind a key for the follower to stop casting or it will keep casting forever.


Keep trying, I'm sure you will figure it out.

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Ensine cura das mãos ou o que quer significar a cura para o seguidor (por console ou mod que permite que você para ensinar feitiços para seguidores).

Vincular uma tecla de atalho para usar o feitiço em você. Você também precisa se ligar a chave para o seguidor para parar o vazamento ou ele vai manter lançando para sempre.


Continue tentando, eu tenho certeza que você vai descobrir isso.

is .... Thanks for trying to help me ....
My follower has that magic, "healing hands" and has the requirement - up 25 restauration - but does not appear in this magic spell list to select it. I read on the site that have to get a new game = / will be it?
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