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It's possible your 2010 MS Visual C++ libraries are damaged.


There is a vcredist_x86.exe in your Skyrim\VCRedist folder.  Run that and choose to "repair".


If that doesn't fix the problem, try running it again, select uninstall, then run yet again and install.


You can always download the latest 32bit version of vcredist_x86.exe from Microsoft.  If you do further research on this and find people telling you to install earlier or later version of vcredist, or the 64 bit version of any of vcredist, disregard that advice.  Skyrim only uses the 32bit version of the 2010 vcredist.




I've seen this problem become embedded in my save games.  I haven't found a fix for when that happens other than selecting a previous save before the problem appeared.

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