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Looking for a stable modlist from you fine folks.


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I've just spent 2 hours downloading, patching, sorting, etc, trying to make a ground up build from the sort of stuff this lovely site specializes in.


And just as I go to start my freshly modded new game I CTD right after the Bethesda logo.


So I'm looking for some of you folks to help me build a stable Skyrim game with mostly the mods on this site.


Here is my current crashing load order -


Edit - the forum thinks my mod list is made of external links apparently, so I've attached my load order to this post.Loadorder.rtf


I've ran the nexus dry over the last few years, looking for a new experience, and I need your help.


Any help is appreciated, and I'm not that experienced at deep and detailed modding.


Thus far if it was much more complicated than installing with NMM/MO then running LOOT I left it alone.


Thank you.


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So are you using NMM/MO now? If you do, in NMM when you go to the plugin tab, it colours you plugins that are missing a master file, or as mentioned, you can also use TES5edit for that if you are unfomforatbel with NMM. 


Also don't forget to start Skyrim via the original launcher once to generate the .ini files before you run SKSE.

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