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I don't, you can try look at the requiem site for that but it's quite simple.


In the latest requiem you will get a skyproc patchers folder, inside it just doubble click the Reqtificator file and a menu will open.


Just click options and you can check the boxes next to merge leveled lists and so on.


It will then create requiem for the indifferent.esp and it will function similar as a bashed patch.

This has to be last in the load order.


Other thing is if you want cosmetic changes on npc and the likes you don't need to put the esp after requiem anymore.


Lets say I want to use NormalVampireFaces.esp, place it before requiem and  open the Reqtificator.ini file.


Below [RaceVisuals] you just write in the esp name so it looks like this:



#this category is a list of all mods that qualify as overwrites for racial visuals




You want bijin wives/warmaidens to work just add it under [NPCVisuals] so it looks like this:



#this category is a list of all mods that qualify as overwrites for actor visuals
Bijin Warmaidens.esp
Bijin Wives.esp




Theres probably a lot more useful info on the requiem site.



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