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CoC Modding project


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Hello everyone! I have come to share a bit of news on a great internet game. It is 18+, of course, but it is great!


From the Wiki: Corruption of Champions is an erotic text based and browser based flash game. The player assumes the role of a recently extradited citizen of a village, where it has become a tradition that every year a "Champion" is chosen to battle against demons to protect the village. Thus they have sent the player through a portal to an unknown dimension in which they will choose their own path in order to either fight the evil or embrace it.


I am a big fan of the base game, but the owners have dropped the project for a different one (which is great, by the way). The modding project hopes to finish what the creator (Fenoxo) started, and is doing a great job of it!


A link guide for those that are a fan of that type of thing (since I cannot post links, sadly):



Wiki and Modded Game: Google CoC Revamp Mod


Have fun with it, and feel free to post on your opinions of the game!

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I've played this and it's great, my character is currently a succubus. But I have a question for you: Where can I get a good image pack?

At the moment, the link to the official image pack itself is missing for some reason. The mod adds some new image triggers but you have to provide your own images; I do not believe there is either an easily accessible list of the image triggers or an image pack that includes them, unfortunately.
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You found the modded version but never checked the forums? You're so silly, anyways here.



From the thread itself: For immediate use, just drag the img folder into the same location as the .swf file. It can only be used if you download CoC rather than playing it from the site.


Also a safe bet to run the xml batch it comes with.

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