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Run Fallout 4 once to actually get the ini files up. Once done, then you need to edit the Fallout4Custom.ini file in your Documents folder under the My Games/Fallout4. You just need to add the line below:




This means that any older files will be invalidated by the newer ones. Then just build the body and you should be set.

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Always, always start the game once, Skyrim or Fallout or any of the Bethesda games you are gonna mod, start a new game, play through at least the intro and make a couple of hard saves without any mods installed.


Quit the game, backup those savegames and the ini files in my games. Put them on a USB stick and place that USB stick in a fireproof safe ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)


Then you can start adding mods all you like. I will asure you, you will thank yourself later for making those backups after you reinstalled the game for the xxth time after some mod broke it or corrupted all your saves :-) :-)

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