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Recommendations on mod for Skyrim increased spawns


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Just wondering which mod was best for increased spawns that is lightest on script load.


DFB Random Encounters


Extended Encounters



I already run some of the populated mods for Skyrim along with many LL mods.


Does anyone have recommendations on which to run, or if you know of another mod that might be lighter

on script load?





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Personally, I use Genesis. I'm pretty sure that it is fairly script-friendly, It only uses three small scripts when you enter dungeons to 'inject' enemies into interiors. It doesn't affect exteriors unfortunately but I prefer it's simplicity.


If you find that when you enter a Nordic ruin like Bleak Falls Barrow and you run through it the exact same every time, this mod will place a few more enemies in areas you thought were empty before.

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As far as cnon-violent encounters go, I use Immersive Citizens. It brings back a lot of the AI the devs actually wanted to get into the game, restoring a LOT of conversations (you'll even see Jon BattleBorn and Olfina Gray-Mane sitting on the wall outside Whiterun, having some cute lover's talk.)

It also makes it so that most NPCs actually do something of their lives. believe me, the streets DO get crowded, without even adding new NPCs.

For combat, I used to have Sands of time installed, but it usually end up making your game unstable (a damn shame, because it really makes Skyrim dangerous a HELL)

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