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Actor detect override

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Simple plugin that allows to overwrite actor detection from papyrus. Needed it for something, posting here in case anyone else finds it useful :P



; Function AddUndetectable(Actor target, Actor detector) Global Native ActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(target, None) ; <- target can't be detected by anyoneActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(None, detector) ; <- detector can't detect anyoneActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(target, detector) ; <- detector can't detect targetActorDetectPlugin.AddUndetectable(None, None) ; <- nobody can detect anything; Function RemoveUndetectable(Actor target, Actor detector) Global Native

Read Scripts/Source/ActorDetectPlugin.psc for all the commands and how it works.


Detect means that the NPCs will completely ignore you even if you run into them. Sneaking is not necessary. If you hit someone while they can't detect you they will start to search but won't find anything even if they walk into you.


Could be useful alternative to disabling the AI completely.


If this is already possible with papyrus then I'm dumb and ignore this. :)


You have permission to include it with your mod if you use it. It's not likely I will update this unless some bug is found.


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Yeah I thought about packages too before making this, but then you'd have to know who is going to detect you and it changes the behavior of NPC instead of letting them go on with their business, as far as I know.


I added to original post that everyone has permission to include this with their mod. Don't want to add another dependency for such a small thing. :P


Edit: ok so I had to update after all. When you were undetectable and tried to talk to a NPC and you were trespassing the NPC would get the trespasser package and they would follow you around even though they can't detect you. When they finally added bounty they started to search for you (for combat) :P so the solution was I made it so that if your player is undetectable by all then the trespassing is completely ignored, you can even wait in their house while technically trespassing.

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This is nice. Some time ago I was working on a mod and this would have been useful at the time. I'm too busy for modding these days but I'll remember this if I resume my work.

I've always been interested in the idea of making a couple plugins for the mods I'm working on, but never had the time to get into it. If it's not too bothersome, could I describe my ideas to you so you can tell me if it's worth the time learning? I know that some stuff isn't doable even through plugins, so I don't wanna waste time on this.

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