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Crashing a few seconds after ending character creation


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So just before Christmas my gaming hard drive developed a fault and whilst I managed to make the drive stable enough to clone it I now seem to have developed an issue with Skyrim that for the life of me I cannot track down.


I have reinstalled mods, updated mods, verified skyrims data and i cannot seem to stop this game from crashing after creating a new character.


It doesn't happen on the character creation screen but around 10 seconds after.


I've attached my load order and Pap and SKSE logs.


Can anyone see anything obvious here that could be causing the crash?




Edit: Might have fixed it - Sexlav - Sound FX Replacer might have been the cause.




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Your load order I quite messy (I personally Hate any mod that adds more than one esm and one esp max) , run your load order thro tes5edit

Do you need all these------

Combat Evolved.esp

Duel - Combat Realism.esp
SDpatch - frostfall.esp i did not see frostfall
I suggest removing these as next step will make game more challenging.
also have all these
SoS - The Wilds.esp
SoS - Civilization.esp
SoS - The Dungeons.esp
all these are not needed depending on what version of CoT your using you would use the normal or winter edition
also don't see Skyrim project Optimization if thats what spo stands for
SoS - The Wilds-PatchCoT.esp
SoS - The Wilds-PatchCoTWinterEdition.esp
SoS - Civilization-PatchSPO.esp
SoS - The Dungeons-PatchSPO.esp
SoS - The Wilds-PatchCoTSounds.esp
SoS - The Wilds-PatchCoTSoundsWinterEdition.esp
SoS - The Wilds-PatchSPO.esp
Delete your bash patch----
Sort load order 
finally watch this


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