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  1. "Big" ppfffft i have bigger tits and I'm a guy.
  2. So im trying to pick the following : When I try to I get the following message: However If you look at Mod Organiser I do have: ConsoleUtilSSE install where the script is called ConsoleUtil, and the name inside the PEX file is ConsoleUtil. The SKSE file is also there. I am not sure why the above message is happening. Has anyone else had this, or do you know how to resolve it? Thanks.
  3. When trying to use darkfog it says you need consoleutil - and people noted that this mod has not been ported to SSE. However there is https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/24858 consoletuilsse, this should register in game as consoleutil as far as I can tell but the mod is not picking it up.
  4. So my installation process was to first download and install Deviously Pink and then patch, within mod organizer 2 I then merged the patch into the full install. I used tree size so you can see the amount of files and general directory structure. I do not think I am missing anything.
  5. When I talk to the shop keeper i get no dialogue. Then if I select a tour she doesn't do it. If I ask for someplace to stay after 6pm nothing happens. With the maid quest my character moves, the npc moves but nothing is equipped. I am not sure what is going on here. I am using this with SE, is this mod compatible?
  6. The one thing I think missing from this Mod is the lack of sound assets for when you get rubber/latex rubbing against each other. I know that Trapped in Rubber was meant to add that but I think it should really be added to this. You could even tie it to sneaking, so when you're like most of my characters in ebonite for most of the game the sounds of squeaking can make you less stealthy.
  7. He was one of, if not THE biggest gaming critics and pro-consumer advocates on youtube. He gave the spotlight to a lot of indie games, pretty much saved warframe and constantly fought for the consumer. Everytime the US government went for Net Neutrality he would try to make everyone aware of why it was a bad idea. He went off on loot boxes, pre-orders... pretty much every anti-consumer bullshit gaming publishers had pushed. If he had still been in health you can bet your arse he would have been nailing EA to the wall over the paid lootboxes and bethesda over the creatio
  8. so I have this idea. Having tried immserive carriage rides that rather just showing a loading screen the cart actually takes you to the other town, I have started to wonder if you could that with slaverun. However you replace the carriages with a carriage with a built in slave cage and some device, like a wooden horse, a cross or some form of sex machine. Then rather than having it go to just a loading screen. The slave is locked in and then paraded around skyrim as you go to the new location, along with the rest stops. Passers by could give comments, the c
  9. Hey Kimy, has there been any updates regarding if there is going to be version 7?
  10. Not in combat. Double checked that. My Busy / Events is not active. Tried saving, exiting and restarting the game. Zoned out and back in as well. It is the Hircine shrine. I did the quest siding with the werewolf and completeted the quest. Ran over, killed the hags and then tried to worship. Next time I ran in, used Killall to not even get in combat. Is there a setstage I can do?
  11. I am getting the "can't workship when in combat or busy" I have tried the reset option in the MCM and it has not worked. Any ideas?
  12. I had a save where I had no mods from loverlab installed which I then added sexlab library of mods to, everything works apart from the statues.
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