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[Idea] Chance for a "Last of Us" styled mod?

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I know something like this will most definitely have to wait 'till the release of the GECK, and would likely be hard to do. I'm a sucker for large, open, "Hardcore" post apocalyptic worlds.


Is there a possibility that we'll see a mod sort of like this? I imagine everything from NPCs to weapons, armor and even the worldspace would need to be fucked around with to get it to work properly and balance well. I'm not that great at modding (Minor texture experience, very little armor mash-up experience from Skyrim but still figuring out FO4) But I'd love to help out on a mod like this, if anyone has any ideas.


Thanks for reading. :)

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I think he wants to turn Fallout 4 into a much more survival based game where ammo is limited and you die extremely easily. I don't think last of us was the best example to use since its a campaign linear game. I am guessing something a long the lines of Ark or Day Z etcetera.

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You didn't really explain this well. What do me "last of us style mod". Do you mean a quest mod, gameplay, what?



Sorry, my bad. I should have explained a bit more; I was a bit tired when I wrote that.


What I had in mind was a overhaul mod. Starting off with the world itself, simply adding much more foliage (Trees, bushes, etc) Lots of green. Overgrown looking, as though nature had just overtaken all the landscape, and there was no nukes.


Follow that up by using the Ghoul skeleton as a base for the "Creatures". I forget the exact name of them in The Last of Us, but you know what I mean, lol. I think the animations of the Ghouls along with their kill-moves and just about everything about them works perfectly for this sort of dealio. Make the "clickers" (Echo-location based insta-kill fuckers) have no line of sight but higher hearing range/sensitivity, if possible.


There'd need to be a lot of work on the existing content. A lot of the vanilla outfits would need to be changed up to fit in with the theme a bit better, the architecture (Colorful, retro buildings, vehicles, signs, etc) Would need to be fucked with a bit to achieve a more culturally modern look.


I know that something like this seems like a bit more of a pipe dream than a possibility, but I was just blowing out ideas, in case anyone was looking for something to do, or was just casually browsing the forums and this had a chance to inspire them. If you play around with the foliage and textures of Fo4, it's very clear that a jungle-like setting could be emulated in this engine quite beautifully, which was a big thing in TLoU.


Didn't mean to ramble, sorry.

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